Wednesday, 4 May 2011

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The main genre of the film itself is the superhero genre, which was chosen because it was an appealing concept which suited what all of us in our group would be interested in and would want to make, as well as the recent boost of the genre with popular films such as The Dark Knight, Watchmen, The Incredibles and Kick ass. The Dark Knight in particular has received universal acclaim, proving the genre is a successful one which would appeal to all age groups and almost all tastes. However, for our film opening we wanted to avoid what people would normally expect and instead opt for something new.

These examples of films open with exciting scenes that cut straight into the action, although by contrast, The Incredibles creates a fairly calm setting before cutting into its opening chase a minute into the film, the idea being to establish its main characters. We wanted to take a fairly similar approach by establishing our main character in a friendly environment at home going through a daily morning routine, although this is carried out across the two minutes of our film opening as we wanted to show our main character could be anyone. This creates interest instantly and entices the audience differently to what had been done before. 

How does your media product represent social groups?

What have you learnt about technolgies from the process of constructing this product?

The programs we used for our post production where:
  • Adobe Photoshop - To produce the logo
  • Adobe Premier Pro - For our editing
  • Adobe After Affects - to add the titles and effects to the titles
We also found ourselves using Youtube an awful lot which saved time when finding music and influencial films. We also posted our animatic onto youtube.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

We also thought of disney because it owns marvel. Although our film isn't overpoweringly obvious that is comicbooky, it could still be a good intitution to distribute out film.

How did you attract/Address your audience?

We asked people in our target audience on a social networking site what their favourite films in the genre were and what attracted them to them.

After looking at films that our target audience were interested in, we looked at how we can incorporate elements that attract them to the film in our opening.

Shaun of the dead (which, coincidentally, has the same director as scott pilgrim vs. The world. ‘Edgar Wright’) was an influence for our film opening because of it's use of fast cut ‘mtv culture’ shots (Darren Aronofsky). Using this in our film fits with the audiences liking for fast paced films.

Our film is set in a big city which is similar to other films of its kind. Our film opening is also a bit mysterious because of the lack of identity of the characters. Our nod to scott pilgrim with the "beep beep" adds a nice effect to the film. The sudden hitting of the man in the car gives the opening a bit of action and shock from the previous happy music. How Did You Attract/Address your Audience by whiteisaac15 bourne identity sin city - The use of comic book style in the trailer was an original infulence to our film opening before it took a less of a comic book style turn.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Who would be the audience for your media product?

A good thing about our target audience is that they are likely to be using the internet, like forums, social networking sites and games sites. This could be very helpful as we casn advertise directly to our target audience via these methods.


During the editing process it became apparent that we would have to change the story line. The introduction with new york went on for too long and it began to look like to seperate music videos back to back. This one followed our storyboard and animatic exactly but it just didn't work out.
We began to try and come up with a new plotline. This made us completely abandon our voice over and pick up a new idea.
We realised we needed to get a few new shots to be able to come up with a new storyline as we couldn't just work with what we had. We switched the whole thing completely.

The 1st male character moved to the very beggining with him waking up andstarting his routine. we cut alot of this section out because it just dragged on too long. We decided that now we would show the mans routine, him being hit my a car. Then we would go to black and start to show him getting away. This would include him packing and leaving and then getting into new york. By now the man has gone a bit psycho and everything seems so fast and big to him that he gets freaked out. This is where the time lapses come in and it sets the scene of where he's gone. This is where the audience is left in the opening until after the title sequence.

Isaac managed to get some new shots of himself packing a bag. He also managed to get a shot of him grabbing his passport with a ticket to new york held inside. This was a close up to show the location which slowly zoomed out. A hand then grabs it. We also had some plane footage from Isaacs holiday. We used this aswell to show that he's flying to a different country.

This was when we could then use the new york footage.

Logos and Narration

We decided to call our production company 'crescent moon'. Chris helped design the logo. We wanted something interesting and to look like a logo but to be kept simple.

We also had a look at different title logos for the the film. I did this on photoshop and came up with two different versions to give a general idea of how we wanted to present the title.

We decided a good approach to the dialogue would be to have a non-diegetic narrator to read out a scripted voice over. We established that our narrator must have a deep and calm voice to fit with the mood of the opening. I asked my boyfriend to do the voice over for us when he came over. We recorded multiple versions to give us more material for editing, occasionally making alterations to the script to see if it fitted the scene any better.

Here is the original script for the voice over

A life of hardship and crime changes a man, it changed me. The subway wasn’t a mode of transport, it was a home, a way of life. I saw the population grow. One thing that never changed was people’s greed. Seeing this inside of every person walking past made it so much easier to lead a life of crime, and steal. There was one man though, it was after holding up this gas station. I was driving in the suburbs, not really concentrating where I was going, he was just there……

After that I realised I had become the same person as the people I was stealing from, driven by my greed for more. That day I decided to change. That day I became the silhouette. And this is my story.

A life of hardship and crime changes a man, it changed me. The subway wasn’t a mode of transport; it was a home, a way of life. I saw the population grow. One thing that never changed was people’s greed. Seeing greed inside every person who walked past made a life of crime guilt-free.

But there was one man. It was after I was holding up this gas station. I was driving back through the suburbs, not really concentrating where I was going, and he was just there……

After that I realised I had become the same person as the people I was stealing from, driven by my greed for more. That day I decided to change. That day I became the silhouette. And this is my story.

Final day of filming

For our last day of filming we needed to get shots of the male character who the audience see in the morning routine leaving the house and getting hit by the car. This day of filming proved quite challenging because we had to get the character getting hit.

We managed to figure out a way of doing it by shooting from inside the car as the car is still and to have the male character ( our actor Dan Finn) roll onto the bonnet of the car. this took several attempts. We also had to get shots of the other character driving the car and of his foot slamming on the breaks. We will speed up the car footage of the car driving past to give it an illusion of going faster. Again we took it in turns to film, record sound and to help compose the shots.

For the last part of the days shoot we went to my dads house to shoot the bathroom scene. We wanted to get the mirror fogged up so that in the over the shoulder shot of the 1st male character washing his face his identity would still be hidden. We did this using a kettle. After it boiled we ran it into the bathroom and steamed up the mirror. This proved really effective and the shot went really well.

When we got back we started editing all out footage together, incorporating the music and everything.

Continuation of first day of filming

We then moved on to filming downstairs as our unknown male went about his morning routine. We managed to shoot the breakfast production as we alternated between filming, sound and composure so that we all evenly contributed. We also shot 2-3 versions of each so that we had choice.

Our last shot was of the character taking his car keys, which like all the other shots we took two shots.
Upon returning to school Tom & I began disassembling the footage and ordering the clips in line with the storyboard. Whilst we were doing this, Chris and Isaac began editing in the "beep beep" text to overlap the alarm clock scene in After Effects. 

First Day of Filming In The UK

The first shot we took was off a radio alarm clock on a bedside table. The shot is taken at the same level as the alarm clock as a close-up so the audience can clearly see the object and so it alone has their attention. The alarm begins to go and the text "beep, beep" appears on screen in time to the alarm (Note; the text and non-diegetic music was later added in editing). We decided to add this text so the audience could draw similarities between our opening and that of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, one of the films we intially researched. There is a scene in Scott Pilgrim where Scott hears a knock at the door which is signalled by the text "knock knock" appearing on screen. Overlapping this text over the shot gives the scene a very comic book feel which can be used to attract our targeted audience.

An unknown hand then enters the shot to turn off the alarm, then, as the alarm cuts out the music cuts in and is made to appear like it is coming from the radio. As refered to earlier, the music will be added later during editing.